Radman Sanat Sorb Azar Company

Radman Sanat Sorb Azar Co., established in 1394 as a private joint stock company , through the long years of experience in the casting and melting of metals, and using the specialists of metallurgy and the most advanced industrial and laboratory equipment and filtration to reduce emissions according to the standards of the environmental organization, now is one of the leading companies in Iran’s lead industry.

AZARLEAD TRADE COMPANY has been active in foreign trade and the main products of this company Including pure lead ingots with a purity level of 99.85 to 99.99 and antimony ingots are exported to neighboring countries, East and Central Asia, Australia and Europe.

AZARLEAD Company as the biggest producer of antimony lead ingots in Iran has about 100 personnel.

With well-equipped facilities, first-grade technology, advanced experimentation and testing equipment, high standard of qualification and perfect service management system, our company has received a letter of appreciation.